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Harold Camping Refuted

Harold Camping's predictions of the end of the world 11th March 2011 (four days ago at the time of writing) was even advertised in our city, Limerick. The fact that you are reading this demonstrates that Camping is a false teacher.

What many do not know is that Camping also taught that all instituted churches are false churches (you should leave your church and support his radio ministry instead).

Below is an article refuting this idea, written by our pastor.

Rev Stewart to visit Limerick

Rev. Stewart from the CPRC, Ballymena is to visit Limerick from Saturday the 7th of November to Monday the 23rd of November. During his stay, he will (Lord willing)

- give 2 public lectures,
- perform the Lord's Day services on the 6th, 15th & 22th November,
- hold informal weekly bible studies Wednesday evenings on 1 Peter to which everyone is welcome (if you are interested in attending, please see the Contact Info at the bottom of the page).