Essentials of Reformed Doctrine: Lesson 8 (“Creation")

Essentials of Reformed Doctrine is a systematic doctrine class aimed at older teenagers, but adapted in Ireland for adults who want to learn all the doctrines of Christianity.

Lesson 8 is "Creation."

The main subjects covered in this lesson are: 

Part 1: What creation is: the creation week as real history; man as crown of the creation.

Part 2: Evolution rejected; theistic evolution rejected.

The LRF runs an adult reformed doctrine class in which we work through the Essentials of Reformed Doctrine catechism booklet published by the PRCA. Below you will find the lesson outlines based on Lesson 8.

Each lesson outline comes as a handy PDF formatted to be printed as a single double-sided page with narrow margins.

Lesson 8

Lesson 8 Outline 1

Lesson 8 Outline 2