The Dalai Lama: No Authority On The Subject of Forgiveness


The Dalai Lama was praised for his speech on forgiveness, but what does he know about this subject?

This Thursday the Dalai Lama (DL), the spiritual leader of Tibet, is due to speak at the University of Limerick  on the subject, 'The Power of Forgiveness.' No doubt, many will flock to hear him but does he know about what he speaks?

First, what does the DL believe about the need for forgiveness? Does this man confess that he is a sinner, wholly incapable of any good and wholly inclined to all evil, guilty, depraved and wicked in the sight of God? If he believes, as many do, that he is basically good and if he is coming to praise the goodness of man, he knows nothing of the need of forgiveness.

Second, what does the DL believe about the way of forgiveness? Is it through good works, religious activities, or is it through the grace of God in Jesus Christ shown in the cross? Since the DL rejects the cross of Christ, where the sins of God's people were blotted out, he knows nothing of the way of forgiveness.

Third, what does the DL believe about the nature of forgiveness? When God forgives, He carries away our sins; He washes away our sins; He blots out our sins; He cancels the debt of our sins. Does the DL have any experience of the blessedness of that? If not, he knows nothing of the nature of forgiveness.

Fourth, what does the DL know about the blessed fruits of forgiveness? Does he know that when God forgives us, He never treats us in the light of our sins? Does he understand that we forgive others only because God for Christ's sake has forgiven us, and that we can only experience and give forgiveness in the way of genuine repentance? If not, he knows nothing of the fruits of forgiveness.

If the Dalai Lama knows nothing about the need, the way, the nature and the fruits of forgiveness, how can the University of Limerick imagine that he is qualified to speak on “The Power of Forgiveness?” this Thursday at the University Arena?