The Voluntary, Atoning Sufferings of Christ

The Voluntary, Atoning Sufferings of Christ



The Sufferings of Jesus were Voluntary

    Another truth unappreciated by Muslims is that Jesus was not a helpless victim of tragic circumstances but that He willingly gave Himself to suffer. Many Muslims cannot understand how God could allow men to be so cruel to one of His great servants. But the truth is that Jesus suffered because it was the will of God, because He willed to fulfill God’s will, and because that was the only way in which sinners could be saved.


The Qur'an and the Cross

The Qur'an and the Cross

The Qur’an and the Cross

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In Islam the Prophets Do Not Suffer

    In Islam Jesus is “Jesus (or Isa) the son of Mary,” and one of Allah’s great prophets. Muslims highly revere prophets as Allah’s servants (or slaves), but Mohammed, not Jesus, is Islam’s greatest prophet. Since Jesus is a revered prophet, Islam denies that Allah would permit one of his prophets to suffer as Christianity teaches that Jesus Christ did.


NT History for Juniors: Lesson 14, “Jesus’ Crucifixion”

The LRF runs a catechism class for children in which bible history is taught for the first few years following the catechism material developed by the PRCA. The LRF has just finished going through Old Testament History for Juniors and New Testament History for Juniors, and we publish here the lesson outline plans developed and used by our pastor to teach these lessons.

Each lesson outline comes as a handy PDF formatted to be printed as a single double-sided page with narrow margins. Download the attachment below.