The devil did it?


When a disaster happens, especially a natural disaster, it seems that Christians are queuing up and falling over one another to deny that God had anything to do with it. It seems to many to be cruel and heartless to believe that God could have anything to do with earthquakes or floods or other disasters.

 But the Bible has a different message.

The Bible teaches that God is sovereign. That means that He is is in control of and rules over all things.

Take earthquakes. There are three possibilities.

1. The earth shook for no reason. It was a completely random event. That is the view of atheism.

2. The earth shook because the devil shook it or because God allowed the devil to shake it. That is the view of dualism, the teaching that there are two powers in the universe, vying for supremacy.

3. The earth shook because Almighty God shook it. That is the Christian position.

Now, when it comes to evils with human instrumentality, the question is harder, but even then Scripture insists that God is sovereign. The sad reality is, however, that many professing Christians are, to all intents and purposes, dualists. They embrace #2, not #3.

But Christians must believe the Bible.

Who sent the Flood in Noah’s day? (Gen. 6:17).

Who rained fire and brimstone upon Sodom and Gomorrah? (Gen. 19:24).

Who smote all the firstborn of the Egyptians? (Ex. 12:29).

Who drowned Pharaoh and his army in the Red Sea? (Ex. 15:1).

Who kills and makes alive according to Hannah’s song? (I Sam. 2:6-7).

Who struck David’s infant son with sickness so he died? (I Sam. 12:15).

Who gave Jerusalem into the hands of the Babylonians? (Dan. 1:1-2).

Who sent famine, war and pestilence upon Israel? (Amos 3:6, 4:6-9; Hag. 1:10).

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