Controversy over Homosexuality Lecture

After a sensational and biased front page report was carried in the weekend edition of the Limerick Leader on 17th March 2007 regarding the scheduled lecture by Rev. Stewart on Homosexuality, the Limerick Youth Service Center withdrew permission to use its premesis for this event.

The Limerick Leader ran a front page story with the headline - Fury Over Gay Hate Preacher - in which it sought to portray the Christian position on homosexuality as hateful, cruel and contributing to suicide amongst homosexuals. The Rainbow Support Service (a gay and lesbian support group) called for the lecture to be boycotted or cancelled.

The Limerick Youth Service Center - a Limerick Diocesan organisation of the Catholic Church - under pressure from this article and from various calls from the public withdrew permission to use their premesis for the event, citing that they did not wish to be associated with a divisive subject such as this.

A few days before the due date a new venue was found and the lecture went ahead as planned. We are grateful to God for his provision of a hall and for the continued freedom to preach the gospel.

Listen to the lecture here